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Scenes from the Marawi frontlines

June 5, 2017

Manila Shimbun cameraman Crisanto Balleta was in Marawi City from May 25 to 29, 2017. Here are scenes taken at the frontlines during this period.
As of writing, May 31 2017, the armed forces
reports that two bridges leading to the center of Marawi City, which were previously held by the Isis-inspired Maute Group gunmen have been retaken by soldiers.

More than 100 people have been killed in the week-long fighting, 65 of them terrorists, 19 civilians and 20 soldiers and policemen.

The gunmen are still holding an undetermined number of hostages including a Catholic priest, teachers, and other Marawi residents and workers.

Estimates of evacuees from Marawi City have range from 60 to 90,000 people, many of whom have taken refuge in the homes of relatives and friends in Iligan City and neighboring towns in Lanao del Sur province.

Text by: Virgilio Galvez
Video: Cris Balleta
Editor: Cris Balleta

Executive Producer/Publisher : Toshihiko Uriu
Executive Editor / Head, News Video Production: Virgilio Galvez
Supervising Producer: Onin Tagaro

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