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Tokyo’s new national stadium 90 percent complete

July 3, 2019

Tokyo--Japan's new National Stadium, the main venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, has been about 90 pct complete, the Japan Sport Council said Wednesday.

The JSC plans to hold an unveiling event for the stadium on Dec. 21 with an estimated 60,000 visitors after its completion set for late November. A completion ceremony is scheduled to take place in mid-December.

Construction has been completed on the roof portion of the stadium, the JSC said. The roof is made from wood sourced from all 47 Japanese prefectures.

A grass surface will be laid on the field this month, with tracks set for completion in August and September.

Approximately 45,000 spectator seats have already been put in place, about 70 pct of the total number of seats planned for the stadium. Jiji Press