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The Imperial succession, by the numbers

May 1, 2019

Tokyo--Japanese Emperor Emeritus Akihito abdicated Tuesday, and his son, Emperor Naruhito, ascended the throne Wednesday. Here are some numbers from the Imperial succession.

85: The age at which Emperor Emeritus Akihito abdicated. He was the oldest emperor to do so.

59: The number of emperors who abdicated. The previous Imperial abdication took place 202 years ago.

16: The number of emperors who abdicated at 40 or order.

30 years and 3 months: The length of the reign of Emperor Emeritus Akihito. He was the 10th longest-serving emperor since the seventh century, when reliable records began.

59: The age at which Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne. He was the second-oldest emperor at the time of enthronement, according to records going back to the year 797. Jiji Press