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Quezon City culls 50 pigs to stop African Swine Virus from spreading

September 16, 2019

Quezon City on Monday culled 50 pigs to prevent African Swine Fever from  spreading.

The culled pigs were those within a one-kilometer radius where eleven pigs were tested positive of the virus. 

On Saturday, Mayor Joy Belmonte confirmed that the blood samples from pigs in Barangay Bagong Silangan showed pigs contacted the virus.

Belmonte added that the samples were not from the carcass discovered floating in a creek Thursday last week.

"As mayor, we can't just wait and see. Whether it is a weak or strong strain, we cannot allow to have this virus in the city," said Belmonte.

She also restricted hog raising within the city. Belmonte explained that she had long ago ordered backyard piggeries stopped.

"I ordered them before to phase out within six months. Actually that was the time period... to give them chance to get back the capital they used up for their hogs," she added. 

Belmonte also defended her sudden announcement confirming the presence of African Swine Virus in the city. 

"When it comes to health, I would like to protect our citizens and the existing pigs that are not yet affected by the virus,  she stressed. 

On Sunday, Agriculture Secretary William Dar said he was not informed about the information relayed by Belmonte.

“We are asking our people who immediately said that and they did not clear it to me,” he said.  Cristina Eloisa Baclig/DMS