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Poe suggests building intermodal terminals to lighten EDSA traffic

August 13, 2019

Senator Grace Poe suggested construction of intermodal terminals to resolve congestion in EDSA. 

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Public Services held a hearing on the provincial bus ban due to congestion in EDSA and other commuter woes.

Poe, the committee head, said the dry run for Metro Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) bus ban still needed consultations with other sectors.

"Well, we can see that there is a lack in consultation with other sectors,' Poe said. 

Poe added that the policy banning provincial buses will not completely decongest EDSA. 

"I think banning provincial buses in EDSA (will be the only solution), but also having a more organized terminal within EDSA so that the 40 plus provincial terminals doesn't have to have their different operations," she said. 

During the hearing, MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia explained that provincial bus commuters usually take other modes of transportation upon reaching bus terminals.

Poe then raised the option of the construction of intermodal terminals in strategic areas in EDSA. 

"The construction of intermodal terminals in FTI ( Food Terminal Inc) and North ( Ave) should be immediately started. If the construction of FTI will take more time to be done, existing mall areas with convertible spaces can be used for terminals. It is bigger than the individual bus terminals in EDSA," Poe explained. 

Poe said she understood the point of the closure of 46 bus terminals along EDSA which is included in the provincial bus ban policy.

"I see the point that (provincial bus terminals) are all over (EDSA). But of course, making changes won't be easy. If we will give a proposal or directive, we need to think if it will really help in addressing the issue," she said. 

"If they will remove the individual terminals in EDSA, they should integrate bigger terminals first," she added. Cristina Eloisa Baclig/DMS