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PNP agrees with PDEA on some cops still selling recycled drugs

September 16, 2019

The Philippine National Police ( PNP) on Monday said that while they agreed with Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency ( PDEA) Director General Aaron Aquino that some police officers are engaged in recycling illegal drugs, majority of them remains “professional and disciplined''.

In a message sent to reporters, Police Brigadier General Bernard Banac, PNP spokesperson, said they “agreed on the findings of PDEA that some corrupt PNP personnel are still able to find ways to engage in nefarious and illegal acts”.

“Majority, if not all anti-drug cops, remain professional and disciplined. This illegal act is not a widespread thing but just committed by some few rotten, rogue, misfit cops who have no place in the PNP,” said Banac.

“That is the reason PNP’s campaign on internal cleansing remains relentless and we will not stop until all rogue cops are weeded out and charged in court,” said Banac.

The PNP urged the public to report any wrongdoings of their police personnel.

During PDEA’s budget hearing, Aquino said recycling of seized illegal drugs is still rampant as a female drug lord, whom he refused to identify, buys seized illegal drugs from government agencies.

Aquino said he received reports some operatives only surrendered half of the seized illegal drugs and would sell the other half or saved for future operations.

“I received some information from assets, from other law enforcement agencies themselves, I heard… Especially on operatives down there. Usually (the modus)  is that when they seize drugs, maybe half of that will be surrendered or what they will want to appear as seized while all the other ones are being kept either for future operations or the worse of it is they sell the drugs,” he told senators.

“I guess it’s still rampant…the recycling of drugs,” he added.

This revelation irked Senator Ronald Dela Rosa, the previous PNP chief and Bureau of Corrections head, and he asked Aquino to show proof, saying the PNP is doing well in their internal cleansing.

Getting rid of illegal drugs in the country is one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s promises to the public before stepping down on 2022. Ella Dionisio/DMS