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Over 11.5 million Filipinos consider themselves poor: SWS

January 12, 2019

Over 11.6 million Filipinos consider themselves poor, according to a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey on Friday.

The fourth quarter survey on self-rated poverty conducted last December 16-19 showed 50 percent of families believe they are poor. SWS said the result is two percentage points below the 52 percent or estimated 12.2 million in September.

The results came after a 10 percentage point increase over two consecutive quarters. In March, 42 percent Filipinos claimed they are poor and in September it went up to 48 percent. Another four percentage point increase was reported in September.

Self-rated poverty fell by 16 percentage points in Mindanao from 65 percent in September to 49 percent in December. This gave an average 54 percent in self-rated poverty for 2018.

There was also a decrease in self-rated poverty in Visayas by six percentage points from 67 percent in September to 61 percent in December. The average self-rated poverty  in Visayas for 2018 is 62 percent.

However, in Balance Luzon and Metro Manila, a four percentage point increase in self-related poverty was recorded. In Balance Luzon, from 47 percent in September it rose to 51 percent in December. Balance Luzon self-rated poverty for 2018 had an average of 43 percent.

In Metro Manila, self-rated poverty increased to 30 percent in December from 26 percent in September.

SWS also found that around 7.9 million families rated their food as "food poor." Cristina Eloisa Baclig/DMS