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New witness appears, Albayalde says ex-PNP officers ganging up on him

October 9, 2019

Police General Oscar Albayalde  on Wednesday felt he is being ganged up by former police officials after Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong dropped another revelation about him on his alleged involvement in the 2013 Pampanga drug raid.

"I really don't know what is the conspiracy here. It seems that everybody is ganging up on me. It's very unlikely that I will say something like that to General (Rudy) Lacadin," Police General Oscar Albayalde said during a Senate hearing.

The PNP chief made the statement after former regional director of Central Luzon police, Lacadin disclosed Albayalde called him asking about the investigation he is conducting.

He made the statement after Magalong told him to speak on what he know.

"During the time of investigation I am conducting, he called me up... the conversation I recalled is he asked: 'Sir you are investigating us?'," Lacadin said, adding he told Albayalde there is nothing to be afraid of if they did not do anything.

"Then he said, I don't know if he is joking, 'actually Sir, I only got few from there'," he added.

When asked by Senator Panfilo Lacson Jr, the former regional director is somewhat unsure when he received the call.

In response, Albayalde asked why he was not criminally or administratively charged.

"I don't know what his (grievance) against at me but if you will say I said (something) like that, my question is why was I not charged?" he said.

"Why after six years will you now remember everything? Why did it not come out during the conduct of the investigation? It's like I'm being crucified already," he added.

Albayalde denied calling the former officer, adding Lacadin is his upperclassman.

"I cannot remember what call is that... how can I call him, if I remember, he is not the regional director of CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group)... i should have talked to the RD he is my underclassman," he said.

It can be recalled that Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief Director General Aaron Aquino said he received a call from Albayalde asking him to not "implement" the dismissal order against the 13 cops involved in the drug raid.

The PNP chief admitted calling the then regional director of Central Luzon but only to ask for the status and not to seek a favor.

However, Aquino said he was not influenced by the call of Albayalde and admitted not having interest in the case when he was the regional director.

It was also Magalong who asked Aquino to inform the committee about the call.

Magalong then accused Albayalde of "lying" for denying any involvement in the 2013 drug raid.

"Someone here is lying and I'm pretty sure it's not General Lacadin. It's not me. It's not the other officers but someone else. It's him (Albayalde)," he said.

Magalong even recalled a deliberation for Albayalde's promotion, saying the latter also denied the allegations.

"He did not do anything but just denied that he is aware of the incident. He just keeps on denying it," he added.

Senator Richard Gordon, chair of the Blue Ribbon Committee, asked former PNP chief Alan Purisima why Albayalde was not charged.

"No solid evidence on the involvement of Albayalde," Purisima said.

Albayalde is being dragged on the 13 alleged ''ninja cops'' who are involved in drug recycling as he was acting Pampanga provincial director.

He was administratively relieved and went on a floating status for almost eight months.

The PNP chief believes his sudden involvement in the issue is related to his retirement on November 8. Ella Dionisio/DMS