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Moreno creates special squad to guard against entry of hot meat

August 24, 2019

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno on Saturday ordered the creation of a special enforcement squad to guard against the entry double-dead meat.

The city's Veterinary Inspection Board (VIB) Special Enforcement Squad was ordered to conduct and "intensified routine and strike operations" as part of the city government's campaign against double-dead meat allegedly being sold in markets.

Double-dead meat refers to meat from an ailing animal who is slaughtered and sold in markets.

Moreno, through a mission order, mandated the newly-established squad to check if the products being sold or used have undergone proper inspection and quality control. 

"You are further directed to effect the seizure, confiscation, examination, disposition and disposal of merchandise found to be illegal, and recommend the filing of appropriate cases for prosecution before the proper court in the City of Manila," Moreno added. 

Moreno also named veterinarian Nicanor Santos Jr. as chief of the VIB Special Enforcement Squad. Cristina Eloisa Baclig/DMS