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Duterte to Sabio: Just tell the truth

September 11, 2019

President Rodrigo Duterte has advised lawyer Jude Sabio, who used to be an ally of opposition former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, to just tell the truth.

This was after Sabio had a falling out with Trillanes whom he accused of not paying him P700,000 for his supposed services to self-confessed Davao Death Squad member and whistleblower Edgar Matobato.

Sabio, using the testimony of Matobato, with Trillanes' backing, filed a petition before the International Criminal Court against Duterte for alleged crimes against humanity due to his bloody war on illegal drugs.

"You know, frankly, I have not met nor talk to the guy (Sabio). What prompted him for a change of heart, I really do not know. I will be speculating," Duterte told reporters in Malacanang on Tuesday night.

"So, unless we talked and asked him 'Why? What's the truth, adre?' And he says that he wants to testify, I'll just tell him, 'Yeah, you just tell the truth'," he said.

If the truth would favor Trillanes, his staunch critic, Duterte said it would be fine with him.

Asked if he would be willing to talk to Sabio in case he seeks audience with him, Duterte said, "I can talk to anybody," even the rebels. Celerina Monte/DMS