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Año says arrest by Manila cops of youths for vandalizing LRT station post ”just and lawful’

December 4, 2019

Interior Secretary Eduardo Año on Wednesday said the action taken by the Manila Police District in arresting Panday Sining members for vandalizing an LRT station post in Manila City last Bonifacio Day was “just and lawful”.

In a statement, Año said he directed the Philippine National Police (PNP) “to go after all vandals for their utter disregard of the law and defacement of government properties.”

“The government is trying their best to have cleanliness and order but they keep on dirtying it. They have been repeatedly warned and now they will face consequences of their actions,” he said. 

Instead of heeding the warning of the government when they painted the Lagusnilad overpass last month, Panday Sining members vandalized a telecom box near the Manila City Hall, the walls of Araullo High School in Manila, and a concrete post of LRT Line 2 on Recto Avenue, among others.

Año said the group is not listening to the authorities.

“Instead of stopping (their actions), they continue to dirt the surroundings. They are not listening to the authorities. That’s too much. That’s enough. They should learn their lesson,” he said.

Año said the government respects their group’s freedom of expression but such freedom is still bounded by rules and regulations to ensure law and order.

The DILG chief lamented that the arrested Panday Sining members are young people who are supposed to be studying and making their parents proud.

“Don’t get fooled by leftist organizations and don’t ruin your life on unworthy things. Finish your studies and help your family and country,” Año said.

Manila Police District officers nabbed Joven Laura, 18; Jeanne Vaughn Quijano, 24; Mikhail Collado, 18; and another minor after they were caught painting the walls of LRT Line 2 during rallies marking Bonifacio Day last November 30.

Interior Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said it is not only the government who is outraged by the recent vandalism done by Panday Sining members but the public as evidenced by negative comments on social media as well as an online petition initiated by a non-government organization.

The petition uploaded on online petition site calling the Manila City government to pursue legal action against Panday Sining for defacing the walls in Metro Manila.  It has so far over 9,000 signatures.

“Even the people are fed up with your antics. You should think again and change while you are still young. Discipline first before we complain and protest. Change starts from us,” Malaya said. Ella Dionisio/DMS