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Alleged kidnapping victims did not resist when taken: Pasay police

December 3, 2019

The chief of the Pasay City police on Tuesday said alleged victims of kidnappings did not show any resistance when they were taken based on the CCTV footage they acquired.

In a press briefing, Police Colonel Bernard Yang said the case of seven missing people is not related to internal organs selling.

“If you can see on the video, there is no reaction or resistance from the missing people. It looks like they voluntarily went to them,” he said.

Yang said out of the seven missing, they were also familiar with each other.

“Based on the siblings of one of the missing,  his siblings was supposed to meet his friend but he did not manage to go home… all of those mentioned that was taken by the white van looks like they know who got them,” he said.

“We are really checking what is there involvement… some of the residents in the community said those people were involved in illegal drugs but we are still gathering additional statements,” he added.

Yang said one of the possible leads is these missing people failed to remit their illegal drugs transaction to their higher ups.

“One of the parents admitted his child is involved in illegal drugs,” he said.

“It is possible (they were taken) because they failed to remit,” he said.

With regards to the vehicle, Yang said the plate number used by the van was not its original.

“The plate number was missing since 2015… according to the original owner, the vehicle of the missing plate number was already sold,” he said.

Yang said they backtracking on their investigation for them to have a clear CCTV footage.

“Most of the CCTV footages we gathered are not clear,” he said.

Yang said they are now checking if the missing people are involved in their drug watchlist.

In a chance interview with Yang, he said the four missing boys are called “chongke boys” in their area while the three others were involved in online selling.

“But we cannot say for now if what they are selling online is illegal drugs because we still don’t have evidence,” he said.

Acting National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Police Brigadier General Debold Sinas said they are eyeing a group on the incident.

Sinas urged the families and relatives of missing people to report to them any incident.

Meanwhile, Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Director, Police Brigadier General Ronnie Montejo, said all the 10 people who were reported missing are back in their homes.

He said these are not related to the reported kidnapping incidents.

“We personally went to their addresses to find out what happened… they already returned and just went missing for different reason,” Montejo said.

Sinas said the families apologized for not updating them on the status of their relatives.

Sinas said all posts circulating on social media about a van which abduct people to sell their internal organs are not true.

“Those photos are fake… our (Regional) Anti-Cybercrime Unit are now investigating those posts and those posted are old ones,” Sinas said.

Sinas said they are tracing who is the one posting those photos and videos.

“Those posting, those allegations are all fake news. It’s just to stir on social media, it has no basis but our cybercrime ( unit) are now checking them and hopefully we can trace them,” he said. Ella Dionisio/DMS