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Albayalde urges police to continue fighting crimes, illegal drugs

June 12, 2019

As the country celebrated the 121st anniversary of Philippine Independence, Philippine National Police ( PNP) General Oscar Albayalde encouraged his men to continue fighting crimes and illegal drugs to achieve a peaceful and safe country.

In a statement, Albayalde paid tribute to the country's national heroes for sacrificing and fighting for the freedom all Filipinos are experiencing now.

"Because of their love for the country, they did not allow suffering of people to continue. Because of this courage, they did not hesitate on facing and fighting the foreign forces. And because of their heroism and unity, they were able to uphold the rights of every Filipino and the democracy," he said.

"So it's right for us to celebrate this golden inheritance by offering a more diligent, just, and meaningful service to our beloved country. Let's celebrate this through heartfelt action towards real change," said Albayalde.

Albayalde urged the PNP to continue pushing with their mission towards a real orderly, peaceful, and safe community nationwide.

The PNP chief also paid tribute to all police officers, soldiers, firefighters, teachers, farmers, Metro aides and other government officials who sacrifice, work and dedicate their life to the Filipino people.

"After 121 years, our fight against different challenges and problems being face by our country continues. There is our problem in crime and illegal drugs. Problem in corruption and hard-headed Filipinos. And our continuous struggle to fight and endeavor to achieve real change not only for our organization but throughout the country," said Albayalde.

"As the chief and father of Philippine National Police, I encourage every member to offer their meaningful, loyal, and enthusiastic service to the people. Let's continue on pushing forward our courage and dedication in our fight against crime and illegal drugs. Let's promote with whole heart the change in our organization and do not let any corrupt officers to destroy the name and image of PNP," he added.

During the celebration at Camp Crame, officers waved flags and released doves to symbolize freedom. Ella Dionisio/DMS