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Sumo association questions Kakuryu, Terunofuji on Harumafuji incident

November 24, 2017

Tokyo- The Japan Sumo Association questioned two senior Mongolian wrestlers Kakuryu and Terunofuji on Thursday about alleged violence by grand champion Harumafuji against junior wrestler Takanoiwa, both also from Mongolia, over drinks late last month, informed sources have said.

Kakuryu, another top-ranking wrestler, or yokozuna, and Terunofuji, a sekiwake third-ranking wrestler, were present at the scene along with Hakuho, also Mongolian yokozuna, and others. The crisis management committee of the association conducted the questioning on Kakuryu and Terunofuji as they are not participating in the ongoing Kyushu grand tournament.

Harumafuji admitted the violence allegation during the committee's questioning on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Takanoiwa's stable master, Takanohana, has refused to let the beaten rank-and-file hiramaku wrester in the highest sumo division talk about the incident to the association despite repeated requests by the committee, saying he has left the matter to police.

Accepting a victim report by the Takanoiwa side, the Tottori prefectural police have launched an investigation into the incident, which took place in the city of Tottori.

To cooperate with the police probe, the association has been hearing from incident-linked wrestlers already questioned by the police.

Hakuho plans to speak to the committee after the tournament ends on Sunday. Jiji Press