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Summary indictment filed against ex-sumo champ Harumafuji

December 28, 2017

Tottori- Japanese public prosecutors filed a summary indictment against former yokozuna sumo grand champion Harumafuji on Thursday for assaulting and injuring junior wrestler Takanoiwa in late October.

The Tottori District Public Prosecutors Office stopped short of seeking a trial after examining the extent of Takanoiwa's injury and the 33-year-old former yokozuna's decision to retire from the professional sumo world to take responsibility for the assault. The office sees that he has already received social punishment.

In voluntary questioning by the Tottori prefectural police department, the former yokozuna from Mongolia said he was very sorry for hurting Takanoiwa physically and psychologically. He is believed to have shown remorse also to the prosecutors.

The former yokozuna allegedly lost his temper at Takanoiwa's attitude and beat the 27-year-old wrestler, also a Mongolian, with his bare hands and a karaoke remote control at a restaurant in the western Japan city of Tottori.

The incident happened on the night of Oct. 25 and the early hours of the following day, during a regional sumo tour.

The summary indictment alleges the former yokozuna beat Takanoiwa in the face and head to make him suffer injuries that took about 12 days to heal, according to the prosecutors.

The former yokozuna has claimed that he got irritated when Takanoiwa used his smartphone while being scolded by yokozuna Hakuho.

Meanwhile, Takanoiwa has explained that he used his smartphone as he thought the scolding had halted for the time being, and that he wished that others at the scene had stopped the former yokozuna from beating him sooner, according to the sources.

The police department also questioned Hakuho and yokozuna Kakuryu, 32, also present at the violence scene.

The department sent papers on the former yokozuna to the prosecutors office on Dec. 11, saying that the assault deserves a regular or summary indictment.

At his retirement press conference on Nov. 29, the former yokozuna admitted that he had gone too far. Jiji Press