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Osaka Girl to Become Youngest-Ever Pro Go Player at Age 10

January 7, 2019

Tokyo–Elementary school fourth-grade girl Sumire Nakamura is set to become the youngest professional “go” player on April 1 at the age of 10, the Nihon Ki-in, a Japanese association for the traditional board game, said Saturday. The girl, now 9


Shogi Master Habu Goes Titleless for 1st Time in 27 Years

December 23, 2018

Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Pref.- Yoshiharu Habu, a 48 – year – old Japanese shogi master, on Friday lost his Ryuo title to 31 – year – old challenger Akihito Hirose, leaving him without a major shogi Title For The First Time


Soccer Star Honda’s Ties with Cambodia Official Raise Concern

December 18, 2018

Bangkok–Human Rights Watch has expressed concern over Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda’s involvement with Sao Sokha, president of the Football Federation of Cambodia and an alleged human rights violator, according to the international organization. Honda effectively serves as coach of


Youngest Pro Shogi Player Fujii Marks 100th Win

December 17, 2018

Tokyo- Sota Fujii became the youngest pro shogi player to reach the 100th official win on Wednesday at the age of 16 years and four months. Seventh-dan Fujii established the record after winning two matches in a At The Finals


December 13, 2018

China, Guangzhou — Kenji Momota respond to cheers by starting a white star in men’s singles. Jiji Press

December 13, 2018

Professional baseball. Contract renewal Tokyo Minato-ku–Yakult’s Ishiyama Yasuki pitcher. Jiji Press

Sumo Wrestler Takanoiwa to Retire after Assault

December 7, 2018

Tokyo–Sumo wrestler Takanoiwa plans to retire to take responsibility for his assault on a lower-ranked stablemate, it was learned Friday. Takanoiwa, 28, a rank-and-file maegashira wrestler in the highest sumo division of makuuchi, was the victim of a separate assault


Tokyo Marathon Entry Fees to Be Hiked for Higher Security Costs

December 6, 2018

Tokyo–The Tokyo Marathon Foundation decided at an executive meeting on Thursday to raise fees for joining the annual marathon race in the Japanese capital, beginning in 2020, in order to cover higher security costs. Since a terrorist bomb attack on