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Police arrest suspected gunman of Japanese businesswoman

October 11, 2018

CEBU- Police arrested on Thursday a 29-year old gunman who allegedly shot a Japanese businesswoman last August in a buy-bust operation in Barangay Tisa Labangon  last October 9 but the man claimed a lady who squealed his name to authorities ordered the killing.

Both suspects alleged it was the businesswoman's husband, who wanted his wife dead.

Chief Inspector Randy Caballes, Mambaling police chief, arrested GB Bertulfo after he sold an unlicensed cal .45 pistol to a poseur buyer. When police frisked him, they found two medium-sized packs of suspected shabu, with a street value of P118,000.

During investigation, police learned that it was Bertulfo who shot the businesswoman while there was red traffic light along Bacalzo ave,  in Barangay Mambaling.

Mary Jane Aguilar and her cousin Alfie Fernandez who claimed Bertulfo was involved in the crime.

Bertulfo accused Aguilar as the brains behind the killing. He said she was the motorcycle back rider as they waited for the businesswoman's car to pass. When the victim got stalled by a traffic light, Aguilar pointed the car to Bertulfo who shot the victim.

Police will file murder and illegal drugs case against Aguilar, Bertulfo and Fernandez. They will also file illegal possession of firearms charges against Bertulfo. DMS