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Liberal Party members mark 48th anniversary of Plaza Miranda bombing

August 21, 2019

Members of the Liberal Party (LP) commemorated the 48th anniversary of the Plaza Miranda bombing in a wreath-laying ceremony in Quiapo on Wednesday.

The ceremony attended by around 30 non-political members of Liberal Party  pushed through despite heavy rain.

"This is where a grenade was thrown while the opposition were having their 'meeting de avance'," one of the LP member said as she read the party statement.

"Nine were killed while more than a hundred were wounded. The writ of hebeas corpus was later suspended which also the start of the Marcos dictatorship," she added.

Among the fatalities was Manila Times photographer Ben Roxas. Seriously injured were Senator Jovito Salonga and Ramon Bagatsing, the LP Manila mayoralty candidate.

Among the injured were senatorial bets Ramon Mitra Jr. and Eddie Ilarde, Senators Gerardo Roxas and Sergio Osmena Jr

Some Liberal Party members who delivered their speeches called for the deportation of Chinese nationals illegally staying or working in the country.

"Those Chinese who are illegal here in our country they should be deported and job should be provided for the Filipinos," said Emie Pandong, one of the LP members.

Police Major Melvin Florida Jr. Plaza Miranda Community Precinct commander, said the event was secured by around 50 policemen which includes the augmentation force from the Manila Police District.

"More or less 50 personnel were securing the place of the commemoration of the 48th anniversary (of the Plaza Miranda bombing), he said.

"(The deployment were composed of) combined (personnel) from Station 3 and MPD headquarters. We cover the area, Plaza Miranda Police Community Precinct Station 3 so MPD headquarters sent augmentation from (explosive ordnance disposal) EOD and K9," Florida said.

"This morning they conducted paneling. We also have the district mobile force in the place of event," he added.

Florida said augmentation of forces was requested as police anticipated possible attendance of VIP members of the Liberal Party.

"We expected that there are VIP members of LP that will come, at same time (its an) add(itional) security for them," he said.

"Everytime there is an event in Plaza Miranda our duty is to maintain the traffic, security and peace and order in the area," he added. Robina Asido/DMS