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World Grieves over End of Repair Services for Sony’s PS2

September 5, 2018

London- The world is saddened as the Sony Corp. group has ended repair services for its PlayStation 2 video game console, which was launched nearly 20 years ago.

"It is officially the end of days for one of the most beloved of games consoles: the PlayStation 2," the British newspaper Evening Standard said in its Tuesday edition.

British broadcaster BBC cited a Twitter post saying, "It is amazing that they've kept it around this long."

The news also made headlines on game-related news websites in the United States and Europe.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, an affiliate of the Japanese electronics giant, said Monday that it terminated the PS2 repair services at the end of August.

Sales of the PS2 reached more than 150 million units worldwide since its release in 2000.

Production of the game machine ended in 2012, but the Sony group continued to provide the repair services. Two successor models, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, are on sale now. Jiji Press