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Shaved Ice Runs Out in Japan amid Scorching Heat

August 8, 2018

Tokyo- Japanese confectionery firms have been struggling to make enough shaved ice products due to soaring sales amid scorching hot weather. Futaba Foods Corp. has suspended the supply of five flavors of its Sacre shaved ice packaged in a cup, since late July.

The company has been unable to keep up with stronger-than-expected demand even with factories running at full capacity.

Futaba aims to put its mainstay lemon-flavored Sacre on sale again in late August, but no prospects are in sight for the other four suspended flavors.

"Some say we should keep selling the products in small amounts, but they will be out of stock unless we stockpile them to a certain extent," a Futaba official said.

Morinaga & Co. stopped selling its Ice Box Grape Fruits shaved ice product on Wednesday as the company could no longer ensure a stable supply after its sales soared.

It aims to resume sales of the product in mid-September.

Akagi Nyugyo Co. has been producing its popular Garigarikun shaved ice products at full capacity.

"We are working hard to continue supplies," a company official said.