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NEC to Launch Service to Measure Stress Levels with Wristband

June 13, 2018

Tokyo- NEC Corp. said it has developed a service to analyze users' emotions with heart rates and other data collected online through a wristband-type device.

The device will help businesses improve their employees' performances by understanding their stress levels, the Japanese electronics maker said.

NEC plans to start the service as early as October.

The service uses a program NEC developed with Nagoya City University to analyze data collected through the device made by electronic parts maker TDK Corp..

Users' mental state, such as feeling excited, irritated, fatigued or calm, is displayed on personal computers.

The new service will allow user companies to understand when production line workers feel stressed and whether truck or bus drivers are tired, NEC said.

The usage fee for the service will start from 1,000 yen for a user per month. An additional initial fee and some 27,000 yen for the device will be separately charged. Jiji Press