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“Ever-Changing” Ginza Sony Park Opens in Tokyo

August 9, 2018

Tokyo- Sony Corp. opened a new commercial complex with an "ever-changing" park in Tokyo's Ginza upscale shopping district on Thursday.

Located at the former site of Sony Building, the new facility, dubbed Ginza Sony Park, features the ground-level park, as well as a roller skating rink, shops and restaurants on the first to fourth basement levels.

According to Sony, the park's appearance will continue to change as plants there are up for sale to visitors and will be replaced with new ones after being sold.

Concerts and other events will also be held in the facility, while the company's popular Aibo robot dog will be "released" in the park.

"We'd like to make it Ginza's new landmark and loved by everyone," Sony Chairman Kazuo Hirai said at the facility's opening event. Jiji Press