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Event to Promote Japanese Food Held in Washington

July 12, 2018

Washington- An event to promote Japanese food was held at the Japanese embassy in Washington on Wednesday.

The event brought together more than 100 guests, including officials from the U.S. government as well as the farm and food industries.

Skilled chefs served dishes such as a "shabushabu" hot-pot using wagyu Japanese beef from the southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima, sushi made with rice from the northeastern prefecture of Yamagata and traditional Japanese sweets from the central prefecture of Aichi.

Japanese sake such as Daishichiminowamon from the northeastern prefecture of Fukushima and Hakkaisan from the central prefecture of Niigata were also offered.

"We want to spread the charm of Japanese food from Washington," Hiroaki Kojima, counsellor at the embassy said.

Japan has set a goal of boosting its annual exports of food and farm products to one trillion yen in 2019 from 807 billion yen last year. Jiji Press