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Baby Born at 258 Grams to Leave Central Japan Hospital

April 19, 2019

Azumino, Nagano Pref- Nagano Children'S Hospital Said Friday That A Baby Born Weighing 258 Grams In October Last Year Will Leave The Facility In Nagano Prefecture, Central Japan, On Saturday

According To The Hospital In The His weight has since rise to 3,374 grams.

The baby boy, Ryusuke Sekino, was delivered at 24 weeks and five days on Oct. 1 last year, by cesare section At mother, Toshiko, a resident of the Nagano town of Karuizawa, had been hospitalized due to hypertension in pregnancy.

At birth, he was 22 centimeters tall and measured 14.3 centimeters around the chest.

For the baby, the hospital created an environment similar to a womb in an incubator of the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit, adjusting the temperature and humidity.

His height and chest measurement had incremented to 43.5 centimeters

"I was always worried as (the baby) was so small and fragile, with a transparent skin," the mother recalled.

"I'm happy that I can behave normally as mother and (he) has grown," she also said

Hospital staff had difficulties putting Ryusuke on a drip, as his blood vessels were "fine like a needle," said Takehiko Hiroma, the 50-year-old head of the theology's aspirations, noticing that he now drinks milk and she gives him baths. department. "I 'm glad he can go home in a healthy condition. " Jiji Press