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(Update) Death toll from Typhoon Hagibis rises to 46 in Japan

October 14, 2019

Tokyo--The death toll from Typhoon Hagibis rose to 46 in 11 prefectures on Monday, as search-and-rescue efforts continued after the weekend typhoon, one of the worst storm to hit Japan in recent history.

As of 1 p.m. on Monday (4 a.m. GMT), levees for at least 35 rivers were broken at 49 locations, according to the land ministry and other sources. Levee collapse may increase further.

According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, nine people were unaccounted for, including in Miyagi, Fukushima and Kanagawa prefectures, in the wake of

Evacuation advisory was in place for about 760,000 people in seven prefectures, while some 38,000 people was taking shelter as of early Monday morning. About 4,400 homes, mainly in Saitama, Tochigi and Nagano prefectures, were inundated.

Landslide has been confirmed at 134 locations. Due to rain in some areas, the ministry put residents on alert for more landslides and swollen rivers.

In Tokyo and 12 prefectures, water supply was cut off for more than 130,000 households, while some 77,000 homes were without electricity.

Self-Defense Forces personnel transported relief supplies to hospitals and facilities for disabled people that were stranded due to damage to roads.

In the town of Marumori, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, where telephone calls were unusable due to flooding, about 700 workers from police, the SDF and fire departments visited homes one by one to check for any isolated residents, according to the Miyagi prefectural police department,

The land ministry accelerated work to drain the inundated areas of muddy water. The ministry sent officials to five prefectures to give technical advice on river and road repair work. Jiji Press