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Tokyo Marathon Entry Fees to Be Hiked for Higher Security Costs

December 6, 2018

Tokyo--The Tokyo Marathon Foundation decided at an executive meeting on Thursday to raise fees for joining the annual marathon race in the Japanese capital, beginning in 2020, in order to cover higher security costs.

Since a terrorist bomb attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, the Tokyo Marathon's security costs have been rising to hit a record high of about 480 million yen this year, according to the foundation.

A majority of public comments received by the foundation in September-October backed a hike in the Tokyo Marathon entry fees.

The entry fees will be revised for the first time, rising from 10,800 yen to 16,200 yen for Japanese runners, including taxes, and from 12,800 yen to 18,200 yen for participants from abroad.

Also at the executive meeting, the foundation approved the setting of a quota of 1,000 participants from among residents in Tokyo. Jiji Press