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Suga hints at SDF dispatch away from Persian Gulf

August 9, 2019

Tokyo, August-Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga on Friday hinted that Self-Defense Forces troops could be dispatched to waters away from the Persian Gulf to ensure safe shipping.

"We'll make a judgement in a comprehensive manner after consideration from various perspectives, "bearing in mind the importance of stable supply of crude oil and Japan's relationships with the United States and Iran, Suga told a press conference.He made the remark when asked about options Japan may take in response to a US proposal to form a maritime coalition to protect commercial shipping in waters off Iran, including the Strait of Hormuz.

While declining to answer directly on this point, Suga stressed that the government is holding discussions on how to ensure navigation safety for Japan-related ships in Middle East waters.

The government will reach a conclusion after examining moves by various countries while taking care not to Its Alliance With Hurt The United States Or Long-Standing Friendship With Iran, Informed Sources Said. Jiji Press