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Record 2,093 Cannabis Offenders Busted in Jan.-June

September 28, 2019

Tokyo- A record 2,093 cannabis offenders were arrested in Japan in January-June, up 403 from a year earlier, National Police Agency data showed Friday.

Offenders under 30 increased markedly.

The number of offenders in their 20s rose 206 to 913, highest of all age groups.

Offenders between 10 and 19 increased by 86 to 283, including 51 high school students and four junior high school students. The youngest was 15 years old.

In recent years, the number of young people involved in cannabis cases has been on the rise. The agency will bolster crackdowns and raise public awareness of the dangers of cannabis further.

Police busted 112 stimulant smuggling cases in the first half, up from 51. Smuggling by air accounted for 75 cases. Jiji Press