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Watch Worn by Osaka at U.S. Open Enjoys Flood of Preorders

September 14, 2018

Tokyo- Citizen Watch Co. has received a flood of preorders for a new watch since Naomi Osaka won her U.S. Open title last week, because she wore the model during the prestigious game.

Citizen Watch is among the Japanese companies excited about the business opportunities created by her Grand Slam victory, the first one for a Japanese singles tennis player.

Despite its high price of 86,400 yen, the watch attracted preorders totaling more than half of the first batch of production before its launch on Friday. The company wasted no time in deciding a production increase.

Nissin Foods Holdings Co., a sponsor of the 20-year-old Osaka, is discussing the release of goods to celebrate her victory.

The company launched an instant noodle product featuring Kei Nishikori, another Japanese tennis star it sponsors, when he made it to the U.S. Open final in September 2014.

Sports equipment maker Yonex Co. saw a surge in orders from sporting goods stores for a racket model used by Osaka shortly after she reached this year's U.S. Open final.

To add to the festive mood, Yonex will offer buyers of the racket a tennis bag as a present that will be won by lot. This campaign will start on Saturday.

"She'll go further," a Yonex official said. "We have high hopes for her victory in the Australian Open next year."

Nissan Motor Co. said Thursday that Osaka has become its new global brand ambassador. The automaker has given her a Leaf electric vehicle and a GT-R sports car, her favorite.

At a ceremony in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Osaka said she will drive the vehicles to and from practice.

Describing Osaka as a game changer, Senior Vice President Asano Hoshino said the tennis star matches the image of Nissan, which takes an innovative approach to realizing a zero-emission society.

Osaka will take part in the company's promotional activities and events globally. Jiji Press