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Chubu Elec.-Osaka Gas Unit Offers Cheaper Service Plans in Tokyo Area

June 12, 2018

Nagoya- A company jointly set up by Chubu Electric Power Co. and Osaka Gas sell electricity and gas chiefly in the Tokyo metropolitan area said Monday their customers will see their annual power and gas bills go down by up to 6.1 pct from the current levels.

From Aug. 1, the joint company, CD Energy Direct Co., will sell electricity in Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.'s <9501> service area covering Tokyo and six eastern and two central Japan prefectures and Tokyo Gas Co.'s <9531> area covering the capital and six eastern prefectures.

An average family with four to five members that uses 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity under a 40-ampere contract and 30 cubic meters of gas a month under separate contracts with TEPCO and Tokyo Gas will get the maximum discount if the family subscribes to a power-gas package service to be offered by CD Energy, the company said.

Another plan will allow an average single-member household consuming 260 kilowatt-hours under a 30-ampare contract and 30 cubic meters of gas to cut its annual bills by 4.1 pct, it said, adding there will be cost-saving deals for businesses as well.

With those cheaper services, CD Energy aims attract a total of 100,000 customers in its first business year. The Tokyo-based company will start accepting applications from Tuesday.

"We can fight the main players in the Tokyo metropolitan area," its President Shinji Ozu told a press conference in Tokyo.

Ozu indicated his company also plans to launch services offered by Chubu Electric and Osaka Gas and strengthen cooperation with companies in a various fields.

CD Energy was set up in April as a company held evenly by Chubu Electric, which mainly serves for the Chubu central region, and Osaka Gas, active in the Kansai western region.

The Chubu Electric-Osaka Gas arm will procure electricity from Chubu Electric and gas from TEPCO Energy Partner Inc. and Tokyo Energy Alliance Co. Jiji Press